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We feel happy to introduce ourselves as Manufacturing, Marketing & Service associate of Solar Water Heating, Lighting and Cooking System (Approved by RRECL Govt. of Rajasthan).
It may not be out of place to mention here that our groups of companies pioneer have supplied about 10,000 such systems of various capacities at various places all over India. Our Systems are ISI & BSI approved by Govt. of India. No. of SWHS have been supplied by our group at various Army establishments like 5000 LPD Jaipur Cantt. 4000 LPD Nasirabad Cantt. 2,0000 LPD Shri Nagar Cantt. and 25,000 LPD Mayo College Girl’s School, Ajmer. Many Systems at Hotels, Hospitals, Industries etc. The perfect insulation Stainless Steel Tank/Mild Steel Tank inbuilt electrical back up, tempered textured toughened and low iron content glass, dip galvanized stand prove to be major plus points of the system. The prompt delivery supplies and after Sales Service proves to be a major advantage to the customer.
We hope you will also avail the benefits of solar energy, which is available free and is abundance in India. The cost of the system is recovered by 2-3 years saving in electric bill. Please let us know your exact requirement of hot water and its pattern. If required it will be pleasure to visit your place for initial survey and discussion. Please let us know if any further information or clarification required. Awaiting for your valued enquiry. Assuring you our best system and service, Always.

Technical specifications:
Solar Flat Plate Collector

(a) Type Selective coating
(b) Approval ISI standard
(c) Approximate weight Not less than 40 Kg (Dry)
(d) Size of solar collector 2033mm x 1033 mm x 100 mm or equil
(e) Collector efficiency More than 65%
(f) Certification / approval BIS certified

Collector Box
(a) Material Extruded aluminum 16 SWG
(b) Channel /Angle 1.4 mm thick (minimum
(c) Box size 2033 mm x 1033 mm x 100 mm
(d) Back sheet 0.71 mm +- 0.07 thick

Absorber Panel
(a) Type Flat plate
(b) Absorber area 2.05 msq
(c) Absorber fin material Copper of 0.23 mm +- 2% thickness
(d) Header Material Copper of 25.4 mm of 0.8 mm Thickness
(e) Riser Material Copper of 12.7 mm of 0.57 mm Thickness
(f) Bonding of riser with leader Brazing
(g) Bonding between riser & sheet Continuous ultrasonic welded or TIG welded
(e) Surface coating Black chrome selective coating
(f) Solar absorptive 0.95%
(g) Emissivity 0.12+- 2%
(h) Emissivity 290 kpa with no pressure drop within a period of 30 mins
(i) Test pressure Copper

Gasket for Glass (Beading) EPDM

Cover Plate
(a) Material Toughened single Piece clear glass
(b) Thickness 4 mm thick
(c) Transmittance 85% or above
(d) Impact test Glass should not break & crack
(e) Aperture 2 sqm or above

Collector Box Insulation
(a) Type Rock wool/ glass wool
(b) Back insulation Back insulation 50 mm thick, 48 kg/ cu. m density
(c) Side insulation 25 mm thick, 48 kg/ cu. m density
(d) K- Value at 100 deg. C 0.52 W/ m k or less
(e) Covering of the back & side insulation Aluminum foil of thickness 0.05 mm
(f) Gaskets & grommets Made of EPDM
(g) Hardware Stainless steel- 304
(e) Finish Spray painted

Technical specifications:
Solar ETC Collector

1. Conformity to standards MNES standard
2. Major components Vacuum tubes, hot water insulated tank and mounting frame and stand.
Evacuated Tube Collector
1. Collector size 47 mm outer dia +0.5 mm, -0.0 mm
37 mm inner dia +0.5 mm, -0.0 mm
2. Water output Rated LPD at 60-65 ºC*
* Under normal sunny conditions
4. Stagnation Temperature 180 ºC maximum
4. Material of construction (Absorber) Tube made of borosilicate glass
5. Coating Graded Al-N /Al outer surface of the inner tube selective-black chrome
6. No. of layers of coating 12
7. Length of each tube 1800 mm
8. Vacuum of the tube <=5x10³ Pa*
9. Hail resistance/ impact resistance < 25 mm dia
10. No. of tubes 60 tubes in each manifold collector
11. Absorptivity (%ge) of the collector >92%
12. Emissivity (%ge) of the collector <8%
13. Collector frame Tubes mounted on painted M.S of 1.4 mm frame with reflector at the bottom to withstand 200-km/hrwind speeds.
14. Glass beading and sealing Silicone rubber ring
15. Grommets EPDM with inside and outside locking collar
16. Absorber-mounting structure Frame made up of painted mind steel 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm thick
17. Tilting Arrangement Fixed