Mamta Cakes & Bakes in Ajmer

Shastri Nagar
Ajmer, Rajasthan, 305006
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We are manufacturers, retailers and exporters of Sweets, and Namkeens other related products in Ajmer since the year 1980. Since 2007 we have started bakery and we have build good reputation as a best bakery of Ajmer with largest chain of bakeries in Ajmer, kishan garh and beawar, which is famously known as Mamta cakes and bakes With the rich experience of thirty years, we offer the cleanest and best quality products produced using the most modern technology to suits the contemporary taste. These latest developments however do not stop us from continuing the traditional tastes and recipes.
Mamta Sweets & Mamta bakery Shop enjoys a distinct reputation for manufacturing premium quality North Indian, Bengali Sweets and bakery item. Located in various place in ajmer, we offer the best quality sweets wrapped in traditional cordiality. We are the innovators for changing the concept of traditional manufacturing & marketing of sweets and namkeens keeping their natural colour & taste. We carry forward the goodwill of Mamta, QUALITY & TASTE further following the footsteps of our elders and constantly improvising the service, quality and taste of our products. We produce best sohan halwa in Ajmer.Cakes in Ajmer like Black current cake in Ajmer, Blue berry cake in Ajmer, Kiwi cake in Ajmer, Almonds flex cake in Ajmer, Cassatt cake in Ajmer ,Fresh strawberry cake in Ajmer , Fresh fruits cake in Ajmer, Chocolate cake in Ajmer, Chocolate truffle cake in Ajmer, Chocolate pyramided cake in Ajmer, Mango fresh cake in Ajmer, Fruit jell cake in Ajmer, Custard cake in Ajmer, Rum resin cake in Ajmer, Rich chocolate in Ajmer, Rich lemon in Ajmer, Cheese cake in Ajmer, Dutch truffle cake in Ajmer, Monet chocolate truffle cake in Ajmer, Chocó fest truffle cake in Ajmer, Pineapple Cake in Ajmer, Black Forest Cake in Ajmer, Chocolate Truffle Cake in Ajmer, Chocolate Flakes Cake in Ajmer, Chocolate Cake in Ajmer, Strawberry Cake in Ajmer, Vanilla Cake in Ajmer, Fresh Fruits Cake and Butter Scotch Cake in Ajmer. We have largest variety Pastry in Ajmer likes Pineapple Pastry in Ajmer, Black Forest Pastry in Ajmer, and Chocolate Truffles Pastry in Ajmer , Cream Roll in Ajmer, Éclairs Pastry in Ajmer, Apple Pie Pastry in Ajmer, Rum Ball Pastry in Ajmer, Chocolate Tart Pastry in Ajmer y, Lemon Tart Pastry in Ajmer, Walnut Tart Pastry, Strawberry Pastry, Sugar Doughnut Pastry in Ajmer, Chocolate Doughnut Pastry, Butter Scotch pastry, Chocolate Flakes Pastry, Litchi pastry, White chocolate Pastry in Ajmer, Chocolate pudding Pastry in Ajmer, Fruit jell Pastry in Ajmer, Chocolate éclairs Pastry in Ajmer, Rum ball Pastry in Ajmer Rum resin Pastry, Orange Pastry in Ajmer, Milk war Pastry in Ajmer. our Sweets shop is best in Ajmer , we have Sugar free sweets in Ajmer, Navratan dry fruits, Anjeer dry fruit in Ajmer, Dry fruit burfi, Normal kaju katli, Badam katli in Ajmer , Pista burfi Pista lodge,Kaju roll,Kaju bhujia, Kaju samosa,Kaju kalash,Kaju pudding Kaju suraj mukhi,Kaju pan,Kaju Litchi,Kaju mango,Kaju honeydew,Kaju jalebi,Kaju anjeer,Kaju apple,Kaju gulkand in Ajmer , Kaju tiranga,Kaju panchratan in Ajmer.We make pure ghee sweets likes Mysore pak,Makhan wada,Bhujia Besan laddu,Sohan papdi,Soan papdi Mung burfi,Karachi halwa,Karachi halva,Orange sohan papdi,Chocolate sohan papdi,Balu shahi in ajmer we touch heart of people with our delicious Ghewar, Fika ghewar in Ajmer ,Meetha ghewar in Ajmer ,Rabdi ghewar in Ajmer, Rabri ghewar in Ajmer, Katori ghewar in Ajmer , Katori rabdi ghewar in Ajmer, , Mawa in Ajmer, Gulab Jamun in Ajmer, Kala Jamun in Ajmer, Rasberry (black, white, brown, Rabri in Ajmer, Paneer Jalebi in Ajmer, kalakand in Ajmer, Kalakand (sugar free) in Ajmerk, Kaju Burfi in Ajmer, Kaju Roll in Ajmer, Petha (Dry) in Ajmer, Angoori Petha Kesar Petha in Ajmer ,Rose burfi in Ajmer, Gulkand burfi in Ajmer, Mawa khas khas sweets in Ajmer, Malai lacha burfi in Ajmer ,Mawa bati in Ajmer, Gulab burfi in Ajmer, Bengali in Ajmer, Rasgulla in Ajmer, Kesar bati in Ajmer, Gulabjamun in Ajmer, Ras malai in Ajmer, Ras machuri in Ajmer, Khir chum chum in Ajmer, Malai role in Ajmer, Pista punch in Ajmer, Indrani cups in Ajmer, Fruits cream cups in Ajmer, Malai chum chum in Ajmer, Chema toast in Ajmer, Malai chap in Ajmer ,Pakija in Ajmer, Raj bhog in Ajmer, Kesar sandesh in Ajmer, Chocolate sandesh in Ajmer, Plain sandesh in Ajmer, Mango kalakand in Ajmer, Namkeen & snacks in Ajmer, ,Roasted kaju in Ajmer, Roasted badam in Ajmer, Rosted laccha in Ajmer, Roasted testy in Ajmer, Shahi mixture in Ajmer, Three in one in Ajmer, Marathi wakharwadi in Ajmer, Bikaneri wakharwadi in Ajmer, Aloo laccha in Ajmer, Banana buffers in Ajmer, Punch ratan in Ajmer, Cocktail samoso in Ajmer, Aloo pudina laccha in Ajmer, Kaju conflux in Ajmer, Pudina ghatiya in Ajmer, Chinese roll in Ajmer, Chinese samosa in Ajmer, Chili paneer roll in Ajmer, Diet sandwich in Ajmer, Sweet corn sandwich in , Ajmer, Mushroom sandwich in Ajmer, Cheese tomato in Ajmer, Shahi burger in Ajmer,Veg roll in Ajmer, Veg pasta in Ajmer, Chinese roll in Ajmer, Paneer roll in Ajmer, Veg cutlet in Ajmer, Mushroom roll in Ajmer, Mushroom pizza in Ajmer, Mushroom petiz in Ajmer, Veg puff in Ajmer, Spring roll in Ajmer, We have largest variety of sweets in Ajmer. We have largest chain of bakery in Ajmer. We are best baker of Ajmer